YouTube: has rolled out two new features for its users, in which users will get dark mode and aspect ratio adjustments.

Google’s video platform You-Tube has rolled out new features.  Dark Mode feature will now be visible to Android users as well. Earlier this year, the feature was rolled out for desktop and IOS. Youtube has given information before rolling out this feature, saying that some users have been able to get this feature after updating the YouTube app. However, gradually this feature will be available to other users as well.

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What is dark mode feature

Talk about the Youtube  Dark Mode feature, due to this feature, watching videos on YouTube will not cause the users to stretch their eyes.

Because of which, users can easily take advantage of late videos. In particular, while streaming video in the night or in the dark, there is a lot of emphasis on the eyes of the users.

Users in the standard mode have pain in their eyes and users can not watch the video for a long time.

To overcome this problem, first on the desktop, then later this feature was rolled out for iOS. Now YouTube has rolled out this feature to Android users too.


Do this way activate

In order to activate the Youtube Dark Mode feature, users first need to download the latest update of the YouTube app in their Android device.

After that, users see the option of the dark mode in the app. This feature will be enabled as soon as users activate it by navigating it.

If you have trouble finding this feature then you can see it under Remind Me to Take a Break Button.

Let us know that YouTube has also imposed Mobile Aspect Ratio besides this.


Aspect Ratio Adjustment

YouTube has added another new feature in which the video automatically adjusts and the black bar appearing in the side gets removed.

In the past, if the video’s aspect ratio was low, black stripe appeared beside it. With the addition of this new feature, users will now be able to watch the video with full screen.


For more information on this news, click on the link below.

Qualcomm has solved biggest trouble solution for 5G Smartphone

You can visit the website and the YouTube channel to get more information.

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