What is MediaTek

What is MediaTek processor in Android

Friends In today’s article we will tell you what is the MediaTek processor, you have heard the name of MediaTek many times, whenever the features of a smartphone are told, it is often the processer thing, there are many types of processer like MediaTek, snapdragon, Nvidia etc. But in this article, we will talk about the MediaTek processor. If you want to know what the MediaTek processor is, It is said that the company, The history of this, How many modes of MediaTek processor are and what is the phone using this processor. We will share this information with you in this article, if you like it, then you too have done share and Like.


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Many of you want to know what MediaTek processor is, we are going to tell you about this today.

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Talking about the MediaTek mobile processor, MediaTek creates a mobile processor called MTK.

This is Taiwanese company. It makes the cheapest processor on today’s time and the mobile in which the processor is used is almost cheap mobile. This company uses most Core in its processor. The biggest drawback of these processors is that they use this power too much so that the battery of the phone quickly gets dashed and there are many such devices which can also see the hit problem. But the reason for this can be due to load on the Processor. When we do multitasking, the load on the processor increases very much, due to which mobile starts getting hot. But in the market so far it is the cheapest processor.
But it is not that MediaTek is the only one and only the cheap chipset makers, they also have good processors available such as Helio P10, P20, X10, and X20 etc.

MediaTek Quad-Core is the four-core, octa-core i.e. 8 core and deck core that is a 10 -core processor, which is capable of clocking at a faster speed i.e. processing power is quite fast, processor processing power MHz Or measured in GHz, i.e. 1 GHz processor is capable of doing 1 million calculations in 1 second, and if increase the number of courses in it If so, then its power increases as many times as possible.

So I hope you understand what is MediaTek , what happens to Android phones, if you still have any questions or suggestions, then you can give your opinion in the comments box below.
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