What is 3D 4D 5D videos and How its works

You must have heard about 3D movies, What happens in a 3d video or movie that gives you a spectacle With the help of which you can see 3D movie,
In this glasses, you get 2 glasses of different color Those who create 3D effects or the video you are watching feel 3D.

If you would like to watch 3D movies without glasses, you probably did not like it because when we watch a 3D video or movie without the eyeglasses, we see two videos in it, seeing the video seems to be the second video on one video. That’s why we do not understand anything without 3D mess, so that’s why we need glasses.

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Now let’s talk about what is the 3D 4D 5D video and how it works.

In the 3d video, we can just feel it 3d.
As if there is a man in the video, he will see you in the height.
You can also feel the width, height, depth and length) of anything in the 3D video.

It comes after 5d Technology which has not yet come. But what will happen in 5D that happens in 3D and 4D will be all together, in that video you can do anything you can use this technology will be specially used in the game.

You will be in the game itself and you will be able to feel everything inside that game and play some games too,

But nothing has happened so far Just hope that this can happen in the feature.

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