What does Bootloader and Kernel mean

bootloader and kernel is Nowadays smartphone is being used a lot and almost everyone will get you a smartphone easily. In this way, we have an echa knowing about some of the things relating to Android that we can use to change the look of our phones using our phone or get more information about it. Which is very important for the speed of the phone. You will find a lot of videos in the Internet on what I am telling you today. Because it is a very inportant subject of what a boot loader is and what is the Kernel and what is the purpose of this.

Whenever you root your Android mobile or install custom roms, then Bootloader and Kernal’s name come in. If you want to route your mobile, then it is very important that you know it. Today in this post we will tell you about what is the boot loader and Kernal. How it works and what is required to install its root and custom ROMs. We will learn about Bootloader and Kernel in this article.

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So first let’s talk about what is Bootloader?

When we switch on our mobile, the first program to run is called a boot loader. The boot loader loads the Android operating system. This is a simple installation package which gives you the command to boot the operating system Kernel. Android devices have a lot of partitions in which the data is stored, such as system files and separate application files to keep Android application data. This is a boot loader security checkpoint for all of these partitions. The device that checks all the files in the Android operating system before it starts, if no file is found then the operating system will not run. All smartphones will have different boot loaders, which are designed according to the requirements of their phone, the company making the smart phone so that they can run the operating system by checking all the partition files.

Boot loaders come mostly in Android mode in Android mobile because the company does not want to tamper with the program you created or install another operating system or custom ROM in it. If you install custom ROMs without unlocked boot loader your phone will get spoiled In this case, if you have to install a custom ROM, then you have to unlock the boot loader first. There are several processes to unlock the bootloader. It is different in every phone. In some phones it is easily unlocked, but some phones require unlock codes.

What is Kernel?

If you use all of these operating systems on Android, iPhone, MacOS, and Windows then they all have a Kernel. The work of the kernel is to communicate between hardware and software. This means that when the hardware is required to work for software, the kernel asks.

For example, if you have to open the camera in your phone, then the kernel tells your hardware that now I need camera hardware and you communicate it with my software. So this work does the kernel. Android mobile gets almost the same Kernel view. Many of the Kernel specific codes are inserted in Android usage so that each code can be used for each single single code. This makes the speed of the phone fast, if the Kernel is used correctly, the battery life of the phone also increases.


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