Types of processor

Today in this article we will talk about a Types of  processor,
Before we buy the mobile, we want to know and know which company we have been using, which company has used the processor in the mobile, How beneficial that processor is to us, And that’s a good processor.

In this article, we know about  Type of processor, What processor does the company make?and also we know how much that company’s rank is.So that before you take the phone, there is no doubt with this configurable processor. Read In Hindi 

Types of  processor

type of processer

#1. Exynos processor

Types of processor

This processor makes Samsung company and it only creates the processor for mobile. This is the best processor for Android mobile.

And this is the best because it uses the lowest nanometer in its processor,
Quad core and octa-core processors will be found on Exynos.

#2.Qualcomm Snapdragon processor

Types of processor

This is the largest mobile processor maker that uses ARM architecture.Its 800 series processors are considered to be the best.
The company designs its own processor and simultaneously designs its own graphic processor.
Its 4-series processors are made for 200 series processors, made for the cheapest mobile.
Then there is a 400-series processor, which is made for the middle range smartphone.
Then there is a 600 series processor, which is made for mobile phones with a higher range
And the last processor is the 800 series processor. It is designed for the most expensive phone.

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#3.NVIDIA processor

Types of processor

In this company’s processor, 1 Core uses more.
If you use any of its 4 core processor mobile
So you have 4 + 1 core. 1 core processor
He works on the Sleep twist so that the battery backup increases.

#4.Intel Atom processor

Types of processor

Intel processors have little use in smartphones, its processor Asus Zenfone
Are used in It is designed on X86 architecture.

#5.MediaTek processor

Types of processor

This is Taiwanese company. It makes the cheapest processor on today’s time
And the mobile phones used in this processor are almost cheap mobile.
This company uses the highest core in its processor.The biggest drawback of these processors is that they use this power too much By which the battery of the phone is quickly dredged and there are many such devices which can also see the hit problem.But the reason for this can be due to load on the Processor. When we do multitasking, the load on the processor increases very much, due to which mobile starts getting hot. But in the market so far it is the cheapest processor.

#6.HiSilicon Kirin processor

Types of processor

These processors are made by China’s company Huawei.
In their latest model, you will find Mali GPU and ARM CPU Cores
And upgrade network technology is used. It consists of 16-nanometer technology. The processor is created using Battery life is very high in this processor.And your mobile does not get too hot.

According to the average, this processor is also the best.

type of processer

NOTE: So if you want to buy good mobile, you can buy hi-silicon kirin, Qualcomm, Exynos, processor phone that will be very beneficial and beneficial for you.

So it was mobile processor details and can visit the website and the YouTube channel to learn more. If there is something wrong then you can also use it on the comment box.

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