This new feature of Google can improve your English grammar

Google has added many features to its G-suite app, with the help of Grammar’s fault can be corrected. Google has released this feature specifically for Google Docs. Google has rolled out this spree update for this. This feature of Google has included Artificial Intelligence Grammatical Checking. Due to this feature of Google, you can improve your Grammar and will be able to check Grammar when sending mail to anyone.


Due to the addition of this feature, when you write any sentence in English, it will detect your mistakes and will also suggest suggestions for necessary changes to eliminate mistakes.

Apart from this, users will also be encouraged to improve their mistakes in Grammar.

Let us know, this feature is already available for those who have signed up for the adapter program.

In addition to Google Docs, this feature will also be rollout from next week in Google Hangouts.

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Hangouts meet voice command

Apart from this, Google can also add voice commands from hangouts to improve English in Gmail.

It is believed that this feature will be released only for select people. Let’s tell you that Gmail now has a new edition of Smart Composites.

Artificial intelligence based on this feature allows users to automatically autocomplete their e-mail based on suggestions.


Google Cloud Build feature

The Google Cloud Build feature is also released by Google. At the moment, this feature helps developers to design software for testing and deploying.

Due to Google Virtual Agents, these will replace these virtual agents for some work of call center.

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Qualcomm has solved biggest trouble solution for 5G Smartphone

You can visit the website and the YouTube channel to get more information.

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