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Today in this article we will tell you about what happens to the mobile processor. You will find a different processor on every mobile device. Today in this article we will tell you what the processor is, how it works, and which processor is the best. Let’s know about each one by one. Read In Hindi


What is the processor


As the brain handles almost all the work in our body. Similarly, the mobile processor works most. Whenever we need something. Our smartphone prepares our processor to make the device work now. As if you run an application in the mobile, then the maximum function of it gets control from your processor. To know the processor, it is very important to take care of four things. If you do not take care of these things then you will not know much about the processor.

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#1.Architecture of processor

First of all, you have to know about it. The design of the architecture processor is that it is such a design that designers are designed as we design the house. So first of all, you have to keep in mind that the processor which company has been created by licensing. Such as: –

Cortex A-5, Cortex A-7, Cortex A-9,
Cortex-A-11, Cortex-A-15, Cortex-A-53,

This company changes its processor design every year, The processor becomes as powerful as the new one.

#2. Types Of Processor

The power of the processor depends on its technology. According to architecture, the company makes processors using nanotechnology. Very small transistors are used in making the processor. The smaller the size of the transistor, the processor becomes equally powerful. Here are the names of some companies given below. Those nanometers mentioned together will help you find out which processors are more powerful.

Company                                                             Size
Exynos (Samsung)                               14 Nano Meter
Qualcomm                                          16-20 Nano Meter
MediaTek                                                    26 Nano Meter

#3.Number Of Cores

When you buy a mobile it is written in that is Dual Core- 2 Core, Quad Core- 4 Core, Hexa Core- 6 Core, Octa Core- 8 Core.The more the core of a processor, the more processor will become powerful.And along with it its architecture and technology should also be new so that it can support it well and give maximum speed to mobile.


This point is most important in all these points because if the processor does not know the frequency of a mobile, then the speed of the processor will not even know how many clocks it works on the second.And its frequency measurement unit is Haj, 1 GHz in a mobile processor means that it works 1 second 10 million times.As the number increases, the processor speed increases as well.


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