Google Duplex will give information before recording calls

Google had introduced ‘Google Duplex’ while upgrading Virtual Assistant Service at its annual developer’s conference in California’s Mountain View.

‘Google Duplex’ uses Vice-based Artificial Intelligence, designed to work as human beings. However, a new debate has begun regarding ‘Google Duplex’. Someone is telling a successful step in the direction of the technique, then it is a dangerous decision.

google duplex

Meanwhile, Google has tried to reduce the dispute, answering some questions. The company has said that ‘Google Duplex’ knows that he is a software and there is no doubt in it.

On the other hand, if a media organization report says, ‘Google Duplex’ users will inform him about this before recording the phone.

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google duplex

Google’s answer has come at a time when ‘Google Duplex’ is being considered as a violation of US State laws. Actually, a user’s call can be recorded only in the US when both parties agree with this.

Google has also been made clear that there is nothing in his artificial intelligence technology that needs to frighten the users.

Earlier, Google had removed the curtain from many products and innovations at its annual developer’s conference.

These innovations have taken the most attention to the new features of Google Assistant Platform ‘Google Duplex’.


google duplex

Google CEO Sundar Pichai reached the stage to remove the curtain from the latest version of Vice-based service in the program.

After this, the people present there heard the conversation between Google’s new Artificial Intelligence Voice Service and Google employees (who was in the user’s role).

According to the people present, this was totally different from the general voice. People had to say that it seemed as if someone really talking about.

After this, the CEO of the company started explaining about ‘Google Duplex’. Two audio calls were heard from the company.

Both of this audio was talked with Google’s new Voice Service, which was being known about the capability of this feature. During this time, these things were also noticed that this feature can improve and replace people in future.

google duplex

A demo was also given in the conference where ‘Google Duplex’ was given the voice of a woman. The time was sought from the ‘Google Duplex’ to come in the salon. According to the people present, listening to this conversation seemed as if two people were talking among themselves.

During the conversation, Artificial Intelligence gave time to the user to come to the salon. There was no problem in this whole process.

Google Duplex

will be a service that will help you in doing any work. But such a question arises as to whether Google’s service can be a big threat to people’s jobs in the coming years.

google duplex

So I hope you have come to understand about Google Duplex

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