5 works which the Android phone can do, not the iPhone

Special points Android vs iPhone.

  • These features are not in the Apple iPhone, but only in the Android smartphone
  • Some features are common but some features will be available only in Android.
  • We are talking about 5 major features that will not meet each other

Both supporters and fans of iOS and Android debate have their own opinions. Both have been claiming to be a better operating system. Apple’s iPhone and Android smartphones have many features that are found in each other. At the same time, there are some features in both of which you will either meet in Android or in iOS.

Android vs iPhone

Today, talk about those features which will be found in the Android smartphone, but they are not possible to use them as yet in the Apple iPhone:

Split-screen  Android vs iPhone

Split screen is a feature that gives the user an opportunity to use two apps together on a split screen. This feature Android 7.0 has knocked most of the smartphones in Nouga and above versions. Right now, Apple has given this feature only in the iPad with iOS 11. It’s still missing from the iPhone.

Android vs iPhone

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Smart Text selection Android vs iPhone

Smart Text Selection is another feature that has knocked on Android smartphones. But the iPhone lacks its deficiency. Through this feature, the e-mail, address, phone number will be automatically selected from the text given in the detail. In such a way, the user is comfortable. It can be used easily by tapping longer. This feature is far from the accessibility of the iPhone user.

Android vs iPhone

Record phone calls Android vs iPhone

Android smartphones equipped with some customized UIs have the option of recording the call itself in the dial pad. At the same time, the stock Android user gets the service with the help of a third party. This feature is far from the access of the iPhone user. Android Smartphone’s user can easily use this feature.

Android vs iPhone

Choose default apps Android vs iPhone

The Android operating system gives users the option to choose the default app. For example, if you want to open your links in Oprah rather than chrome, you can set it. If you are an Android phone user then you can easily access it by app settings.

Android vs iPhone

Set data limit alerts Android vs iPhone

In any Android smartphone, the user has the option of controlling his phone’s data. You can turn on data saving mode. In the case of data consumption, this option can prove to be effective. The iPhone user does not have such an option. In today’s era, data savings have become very important, in this case, the use of Android smartphones can take advantage of this feature.

Android vs iPhone

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