What is NFC

What is NFC,  What are the main uses of NFC?

NFC may have been heard by all of you, maybe you just have to go after the Samsung Pay launch in India, but NFC has been quite a long time, so in today’s post, we will send you NFC Tell me about the technology and how it works.


So first of all, let’s talk about what is NFC?

The full name of NFC is Near Field Communication, it is a kind of connectivity technology, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Infrared, etc. But as you know, the range of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is a little too far, And infrared coverage is very low,

i.e. if you have to send via data infrared, then both infrared devices have to be passed almost immediately, in the same way, both NFC enabled d in NFC The device needs to be nearby, to establish contact between them.

But the use of NFC is not limited to data transfer only, but it can do a lot of work, such as transferring money, paying a bill after shopping, can do more.

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What are the main uses of NFC?

Now let’s tell you, what are the main uses of NFC, which is the most  use of it, through which you can make payments in NFC enabled shopping terminals,

The first such company on Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Apple, Those who have created this platform, you can save the information of your credit or debit card in the NFC enabled smartphone, and then you go to any mall or shop to buy something, and if you keep it in that shop Payment supports the terminal machine NFC so you can pay the payment using your phone very easily.

And NFC Visiting Cards is a technology in which you can make your Visiting Cards Info and some more information in your Visiting Card with NFC Chip, then after you take your phone to that NFC enabled Visiting Card Automatically the details given in the Visiting card that you have inserted into that NFC chip will be saved on your phone.

There are some other uses of NFC, and in the future NFC can be used in many other types of work, because NFC is quite secure technology, and many companies are researching it.


So I hope you have come to understand about NFC (Near Field Communication).

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