What is Android Rooting ?

What is Android Rooting, And How Its work on an Android phone? what is the root of Android phone?

In today’s post we will tell you what is rooting , what is the root in Android, as you might know, that Android is an open source operating system that is the most popular nowadays, in the last 4 to 5 years Android has become very popular, and its main reason is that we have every kind of freedom in it, we can customize it in many ways, it is a very user-friendly OS. Now let’s talk about what’s the root in Android. Read In Hindi

Android Rooting

What is  Android Rooting?

So, as the root name is understood by the root, it is the root, so here you must understand where the root in Android would have been if you would like to tell you to overcome this illusion, the Android is based on the Linux OS.

i.e. The code of Android that I have been from Linux has been taken from Linux, or else it is made using the code of Linux that Android has been created, and there is a command in Linux. Each file that is the file system of Tm is to get the ability to edit or delete.

Android Rooting

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Just like this, if we root Android, one SU Binary is installed in it, and after that we can access every file on Android, like if your phone is not rooted, then you can only upload images, videos, music, And the docs files that you see in the file explorer apps can be seen only,

But if your phone is rooted then you can access your phone’s system files such as phone code, phone configuration files You can also access them, and you can edit them accordingly.

Android Rooting

So if you have straightened your phone in Android then you can do a lot with your phone’s software, you can change the IMEI of your phone, install custom ROMs with different interfaces on your phone.

You can do many things, you can not imagine, it is a good thing to root Android, because you can use your phone completely by rooting Android, but Android   There are also plenty of ways to root, without knowing that you never root your Android phone, after Rooting, your phone’s data is at risk of being stolen, and some mobile companies end up warranty of rooted phones.

Regarding the advantages and disadvantages of routing in Android, we will tell you in detail in our separate post about the advantages and disadvantages of  Android Rooting.

Android Rooting


So I hope you have come to understand about Android Rooting.

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