PUBG Mobile beta update 0.14.0-Zombie mode

The PUBG Mobile team may have realized that Zombie mode is an essential feature in the online shooting game. That’s why the new Zombie mode was introduced in the beginning of this year.

In this, players have to do everything, even hitting the zombies. The game got a lot of updates after this, which made a lot of changes in Zombie mode. There was a lack of thing in the mind of almost every player that we would be able to hunt for when to become Zombie?

Beta version of PUBG Mobile got 0.14.0 update. The biggest change with the rest of the changes in the game is of the Infection mode. This new mode in Survive the Dawn mode will give players the chance to live Zombie’s life.

The funnier it sounds, the more fun it is to play. Under the Infection mode, players in the game will be automatically split into Zombie and Defender. Defenders will be human, who will kill the zombies with the available weapons.

Defenders will be able to use firearms. At the same time, players who are zombies will be able to use the Melee Attacks with cooldown time.

PUBG Mobile Update 0.14.0: In the infection mode, defenders, ie humans, have to kill zombie players. With this, zombies can change defenders and turn them into zombies.

That is, even after killing them by defenders, zombies can survive again, but the defenders will be converted into zombies after the death. If all the defenders are injured then the zombies will win.

At the same time, if 1 defender also saves the end of the game, the defenders will win. Infection mode is similar to the recently introduced PVP Deathmatch mode. In place of just 10 players, there is a number of players. We have not tried the new beta version at the moment, we will definitely review it for its stable build.

PUBG Mobile Update 0.14.0: In addition to the Infection mode, some other new additions have also been made to the latest update. Some UI changes have been made in the game. It will be easy to select modes.

Games will now come in smaller package size and will also be able to use Players Resource Extensions Packs. This will avoid the space in the device, as the features that the player needs, will be offered.

This update also has a new character system. Each player will get a character initially. Initially, they would have just one skill. They will also be able to customize outsights, voice, etc.