Permanently Erase All Data From Smartphone (Android & iPhone) Before Selling or Trading It

Many times, we can reset our phone by doing a factory reset and understand that all the data on the phone has been deleted, but due to these steps before the factory reset, your phone data will be completely deleted.

Whenever there is a defect in our smartphone for some reason, we try to fix it by resetting the factory. Do you know that even after factory reset, many important features of the smartphone are not deleted.

In this way, we are going to tell you some steps that will help to erase all the data on your smartphone and correct the disturbances in the phone.

In order to remove any uninstalled app from any type of virus in the phone or to delete the phone, we do not have any other solution than to factory reset the phone.

Why Reset Your Phone?

You may have noticed that after using some day the difference in the performance of the phone is coming. Among which are the main problems of slow down of phone, hanging up, slooping of mobile etc.

difference between real and fake products

Apart from this, pop-up advertisements appear on your homescreen at all times.

This kind of trouble comes from the phone due to viruses or unwanted apps. That’s why we have to reset our smartphone.

We would advise you to always download and install the verified apps from the Google Play Store.

Prepare back-up before mobile reset

If you have to reset your phone then do not hasten it. First of all, you should check the login password of your Gmail account or not. After resetting, you must know the Gmail ID and password to sign in to the smartphone.

Track Stolen Phone

This will save your contact, apps automatically and back-up will be ready. For this, you have to sync the contact with your Gmail account.

Take a backup be

Our phone has many important data such as SMS, contacts, photos, videos or documents. Be sure to back up the phone before the factory reset.

Encrypt device storage

Under this option, all information from the smartphone can be deleted. Please follow this step before resetting the factory. Without data decryption your phone data is not properly deleted.


To perform this step you must first go to the settings of the phone and then tap the security.

After that click on Encrypt phone. This process may take some time, depending on the data present in your phone.

You can factory reset the phone once the encryption is complete. After that all your data will be deleted from your phone.


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