Momo Whatsapp and KiKi Challenege are proving dangerous on social media these days

Blue Whale last year had hung up people in India, including the Latin American countries. In this challenge, many people including children were killed. After this challenge, Momo WhatsApp and KiKi Challenge have again breathed people back.

On social media, the magic of Kiki Challenge is going on today. Everyone has been trying to fulfill this challenge by playing on their lives.

Even Bollywood is not untouched by this. Many stars have uploaded their videos of Kiki Challenge to social media.

At the same time, Momo WhatsApp has blown people into the American countries. Gradually these games, which are becoming viral on social media, are becoming a problem for the people.


What is ‘Momo WhatsApp challenge’

These days, a number on Whatsapp is becoming quite viral, which is also called the Momo Whatsapp Challenge.

Let us know that in this game, a contact is being shared on social media, whose country code is of Japan. As soon as the users save this contact in their phones, the photo of a large-eyed girl also comes, the photo is quite scary.

It is also being claimed that whoever speaks to this profile number, then he begins to commit suicide just like the Blue Whale challenge.

What is ‘KiKi challenge’

First of all, it is important to know what the Kiki Challenge is, behind which the world has gone crazy.

Actually ‘Kiki Challenge’ is a Canadian rap singer song. This song has received 8.2 million views so far on YouTube.

Shigi was a comedian who started this challenge. To meet the challenge, a man is sitting in the car, which makes a video as well as driving. On the other hand, a front door of the car is open, outside which another person dances on the road after looking at the moving carriage.

Together this song is also ringing. Kiki .. Do you love me Makes his video a car driver. After completing the Challenge, the person who dances outside has to jump and sit inside the moving car. Only then this challenge is considered to be complete.


KiKi challenge to make a headache for police

Indian Police have become disturbed by Kiki Challenge. Campaigns are being run by the police on social media, where people have been advised not to step in dangerously dancing and take precautions. He is warning people through social media. It is not only young but also small children.

Avoid such a dangerous challenge 

Like the Blue Whale Challenge, this dangerous challenge also makes children their prey. Many children lost their lives during the Blue Whale Challenge. Let’s know what to do to avoid this challenge.

Save the same number in your contact list that you are familiar. Keeping the kids locked in the phone as well as the ones you do not know, do not exchange numbers with them.

Keep in mind what your children are sharing on a social media account.

Especially phone numbers because no one can easily take a phone number on social media.

Protect your phone with Anti-Virus When you do this, whenever you open a link, the pop-up will come up. Not only this, they will also protect your Whatsapp, SMS, and Facebook Messenger.

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